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Fresh Grad and Unemployed: What to Do With Your Spare Time

The pandemic has seen the worst in employment. People are not only losing jobs; even fresh college graduates are having a hard time finding work. According to Pew Research Center, 31% of the 2020 college graduates could not find jobs due to the pandemic. This includes 20 to 29-year-old graduates of a bachelor’s degree or higher. On a

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How These Career Mistakes Can Actually Help You in the Long Run

It is only natural for everyone to make mistakes, especially in their careers. Our mistakes may result in a career setback. We might even feel regretful after realizing we actually made a costly slip-up. But there is more to life than allowing your career mistakes to ruin your future. In reality, people can benefit from

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How to Recruit Top Candidates for Your Company

When recruiting employees, you have one chance to make the right decision. Once you’ve signed the contract, you are bound to this employee for at least three to six months. Whatever the employee does (as long as it’s within the contract), you’ll have to deal with it until you can evaluate the performance after the

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