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Many Students Took a Gap Year in 2021—Is It Too Late for That Now?

While taking a gap year is popular among students in European countries, the United States has only seen increased interest lately. When universities announced that they will give students different options for learning in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, students were met with confusion. Some didn’t think that it was worth it

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Common Writing Problems and Solutions

Students usually commit writing mistakes due to lack of proofreading and awareness of some grammatical rules or reliance on the internet for schoolwork. Using online resources can help with academic writing, but making it a habit to read and write will help improve your vocabulary and become a better writer. Here are some common writing

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Are Your Kids Thriving in Online Learning or Struggling?

Each child has a different style of learning, and every one of them has his or her own development pacing. In the age of remote learning and homeschooling, how would you tell if your kids are learning or struggling? How could you make sure that your child understands the lessons provided by their instructors are

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Working While in High School: Do Jobs Interfere with Studies?

When you think of work, a teen is probably the last thing that’ll come to mind. After all, a typical teen would rather hang out with their friends during their free time than deal with a job. Plus, teens aren’t mature enough yet for most “adult” responsibilities. But why are we giving them jobs? The

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What We’ve Learned So Far from Online Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to everything in life. Businesses had to adjust or risk getting shut down. Authorities urged people to practice social distancing or risk getting infected by the deadly virus. Every aspect of life had to change, giving way to the new normal. Education did not receive protection from COVID-19 as

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Creative Blocks: The Hurdle Creative Minds Need To Overcome

When we talk about creativity, one of the first things that come to mind is the arts. This makes a lot of sense because creativity is a major proponent of any artistic movement. While most people shrug it off and think that creativity is only needed in artistic pursuits, we would not be living in

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Five Tips for Building and Introducing a New Culture of Learning

Growth opportunities are crucial in the corporate world. They allow professionals to continuously progress in their careers while ensuring that they are prepared to face whatever challenges may come their way. That’s partly why the lack of growth opportunities in the workplace can become a deal-breaker for most professionals who are just starting their careers.

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Observe Carefully and Know When to Treat Children as Adult Learners

Parents are understandably cautious when their kids start nosing around expensive stuff, like computers or cars. Young children are indiscriminate in their attention and might be just as likely to blow the horn as they are to lower the handbrake and start sliding out the garage. But with age comes understanding and a greater ability

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Essential Techniques for Raising a Confident Child

Fostering self-confidence in children is a balancing act for both parents and educators. On the one hand, positive reinforcement is necessary to help boost self-esteem. But on the other hand, mistakes are great teachers that instill vital qualities of resilience and grit. Too much positivity will make them unprepared for future setbacks. But too much negative reinforcement harms

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Three Tips for Fostering Innovative Learning

As the world continues to evolve, the educational system has also experienced change and innovation. The traditional, standardized model of teaching and learning has been challenged, faced with accusations on neglecting individuality and dismissing creativity. True enough, standardized methods of education have assumed that every child or student is the same. They rank students according to

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