On-Demand Online Training for Kids and Teens

Even before the pandemic happened, online learning has already been popularly used in companies for professional development and certification training. And as technology evolves and becomes more accessible to the mass, the demand for it to be used for education also skyrocketed. Especially with the shutting down of schools for traditional learning due to the

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a kid playing with crayons

Creating an At-home Educational Space for the Kids

Most of the time, it can be challenging to encourage our children to study. Some will refuse to even sit down to study, while others only have a short period of focus. For such reason, parents are usually recommended to create a dedicated study space at home for their kids. A separate learning area can

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online courses

Learning Outside The Classroom: Trends And Developments

One good thing that the pandemic did was to allow people to be more open about the idea of learning outside the classroom. In the past, education was limited to the classroom walls mainly because of the limitations of technology and time. For example, summer counselling courses are a big favorite because the summer months gave people

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child taking piano lesson

How to Encourage Musical Development of the Rockstar in Your House

Does your child groove on hearing music? Is your child inclined to music? If your answer to these questions is yes, it’s time to make efforts to help your children embrace a career as a musician. Not just the profession, incorporating music at a young age has several other benefits too. For instance, it can

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time management

A Guide: Teaching Youth to Manage Their Time

As the old adage goes, time is gold. Time is often taken for granted by the young. Because they believe that they still have a lot of time, they tend to procrastinate. They have plenty of other, more fun things to do such as browse their social media feeds, play video games, chat with their

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grad school concept

What Parents Can Expect About Going to Grad School

Going to grad school is a major decision that requires a lot of thought, more so if you are already a parent. While the thought of juggling grad school and raising a family may seem daunting, it’s certainly not impossible; take it from the grad students who are rearing children and still managed to earn

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How to Help Your Kids Cope with the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone. Because of imposed lockdowns and business closures, many adults have gone through a series of crises relating to their jobs or careers. There was a fear of massive layoff. There was grief all around. But the toll of the pandemic was not exclusively felt by adults.

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graduates throwing their caps into the air

The Best College Majors for a Post-pandemic World

We can hardly forget the impact that the pandemic made on businesses and institutions. Curbing the spread of the virus became the top priority. So many jobs became obsolete in order to practice social distancing. Many businesses also became obsolete. Thus, many people lost their jobs and main sources of income to support their families.

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coins and finance

A Guide to Self-Investment

In today’s very uncertain world, it can be difficult to find worthwhile investments of time and money. Between the pandemic, the political shifts, and all other craziness, a lot can happen and at any time those investments can easily go bust. But there’s one investment that will always pay off. It’s the one that you

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