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Advice for Starting College

Starting college is always a big change. You’ll get to learn and experience many new things, meet new people, and will most likely pull a hundred all-nighters to get all your papers done on time. We’ve all been there. By now, you might already have a college checklist or bucket list prepared based on what everyone

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Making Home Studying Fun: What Parents Can Do for the Kids

#As a measure to keep everyone safe from the novel coronavirus, the government has issued lockdowns that made us all retreat to the safety of our own homes. This mandate affected everyone in many ways that require life-altering changes to our daily routines. One of the major changes is the way students attend school. Physical

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Understanding the Importance of Art Education

When my son was just a toddler, we enjoyed watching episodes of Little Einsteins on Playhouse Disney. My son and I both liked the show for different reasons. He liked the animation and classical music introduced in each episode while I was amazed at how the producers utilized art to teach important concepts for toddlers

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Continue Your Education without a High School Diploma

Education is important. It is a solid foundation for a good future. It provides better job opportunities. Degree holders earn more than those who didn’t graduate from high school. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, you earn more if you’ll learn more. They conducted a survey and found out that a bachelor’s degree

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Why Mentally Healthy Kids Succeed in School

Research has shown that the level of a student’s academic performance is affected by the quality of their mental health. How can a student improve both? Our mental health condition has a far-reaching impact on our daily life. Success in academia relies on a student’s physical and psychological well-being. Now is the moment to start

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The Most Important Lessons You’ll Pick Up While Doing Business

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the path to success looks like this: Get educated, create a business idea, find financing, and start the business. While there’s nothing technically wrong with such a path, it implies that starting a business is the end goal. But in reality, you’re only just beginning when you launch your business. A

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On-Demand Online Training for Kids and Teens

Even before the pandemic happened, online learning has already been popularly used in companies for professional development and certification training. And as technology evolves and becomes more accessible to the mass, the demand for it to be used for education also skyrocketed. Especially with the shutting down of schools for traditional learning due to the

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Creating an At-home Educational Space for the Kids

Most of the time, it can be challenging to encourage our children to study. Some will refuse to even sit down to study, while others only have a short period of focus. For such reason, parents are usually recommended to create a dedicated study space at home for their kids. A separate learning area can

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